Chan Musical Co, also known as CMC, was established in 1968 by Mr. Ngeejui Siew. The then small family shop was named Peng Num Huad, and produced only wind instrument boxes for the local Thai market. After success in this area, Mr Siew expanded production to marching drums and hand percussion instruments to service schools and independent musicians throughout Thailand. At the time, a single conga drum could take up to 5 days to complete as the shells were individually steamed and bent by hand. It wasn’t long before the brand was recognized for their attention to detail and unique craftsmanship.

In late 1983, Martin Cohen, the founder of Latin Percussion (LP), approached Mr Siew to produce a series of high quality hand percussion instruments in mass quantities. This relationship was instrumental in the success of the CMC brand as it opened up production to the worldwide market and exposed their business to some of the world’s leading musicians.

With the support of LP, CMC have invested over 50 years into the innovation and development of percussion manufacturing. Their production methods are some of the most advanced in the world as they continue to strive for quality and challenge existing techniques and methodology. Machinery and tooling is sourced from leading suppliers around the globe, and where possible, manufacturing is kept in house to maintain and assure quality. The business has been awarded extensively for their investment in environmentally friendly production methods and energy saving technologies. Considerable care has been given to the reduction of waste and re-use of materials and energy for further production.

With the export division maintaining steady growth, CMC began development of their own brand in Thailand. Their vision and hope was to provide local musicians with an international standard instrument, at a price that was affordable in the current market. Drums have been fabricated using Thai parawood, one of the most ideal materials for percussion manufacturing. As Thailand is the world’s largest supplier of parawood, CMC have been awarded an economic advantage in the market. It is also considered an eco-friendly material, given the plantation setup.

CMC have furthered their brand success with the support of local musicians, R&D teams, schools and musical instrument suppliers Asia-wide. Their experience, investment in innovation and humble outlook enable them to take the brand to new heights. Their focus is on building a drumming ‘culture’ that supports Thai industry and builds an outlook for creatively minded individuals.